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2010 will see the Southport Pony & Hack Club is celebrating its 55th anniversary. The Club has a proud and varied history and still has foundation members Olga Twohill and Jan Morland who continue in their roles as vital members of the club. Jan is the chief instructor of the club while Olga continues her role in the canteen, catering for club members and visitors.

Ned Twohill, the late husband of Olga, worked with Mr Bob Radcliffe, to form the club. At the time there were a lot of young people with horses in Southport but there were no organised activities. Bob was a publican and also involved in community affairs. Ned was a very accomplished horseman with an impressive list of achievements from rodeo to the showring. After he retired from rodeo his passion turned to eventing. He was involved in Queensland eventing from its early days and organised, built and ran the first Three Day Events here on the Gold Coast. He was short listed for the Moscow Olympics, but as it turned out Australia did not send an equestrian team.

Bob remained active in the club while his children progressed through the ranks, and later became the Patron of our club until his death. Both Ned and Bob were amongst the pioneering founders of Pony Club movement in Queensland in 1958 when it was recognised there was a need for an organised youth movement. Southport club is part of South East Queensland Zone 2. There are now 28 zones in Queensland with multiple clubs in each zone.

We are very fortunate as a Club in that we currently have a cohesive and committed group of members, many of whom are long term and it is also a reflection of our affiliation in that we also have second or third generation members currently in our midst. Our Secretary, Amber Bromiley, was a member of the club as a teenager and has again become active as her family has taken to the sport.

The club’s first home was on an area of ground behind the houses that face Whitby Street. The club moved to its current location after the tip was closed and the area turned into playing fields. At the time Owen Park housed the Showgrounds and Trotting Club, both of these have since been relocated to Parklands off Smith Street. Over the years our Club has had the support of the local councilors and currently our work is encouraged by Mrs Dawn Crichlow.Under the guidance of Ned, the club developed and ran the first Pony Club Association of Queensland State Showjumping Championships on the then Showgrounds in Owen Park in 1966.During the first 25 years the club always had teams competing at the Royal National Association Show, known as the Ekka, with very good success. Eventing and Showjumping have always been an integral part of the club, along with Gymkhana activities, and in later years Dressage.Over the years the club has had a representative in the Inter-Pacific Rally and other International Competitions. Alan Harding – New Zealand, Jan Morland (Twohill) – England, Malcolm Andrews – USA, Steven Andrews – Canada, Jenny Sillitoe (Poole), Brigitte Bennett – New Zealand, Rachel Lornie (Morland) – New Zealand, Kathleen Barnes – Australia 2013.Currently the club hosts Qualifying events for State Championships in Dressage and Showjumping and also organises a Teams Dressage Championship and the Ned Twohill Teams Eventing Championships.

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