ALL nominations are to be sent to our Nomination Secretary – Jacinta Forge Jones
ALL entries must be in four (4) days prior to closing date on entry program (i.e. if closing date is 10th, final date for Nomination Secretary to receive entry form will be on the 6th ) – this is to allow for postage of club cheque and nomination forms to reach the club hosting the event) no later than 7pm please.
All nominations must include the following information –
Name the event you wish to enter in – Venue, date etc.
Supply the Class number you wish to ride in
Rider’s name
Horse’s name
PCAQ Membership number and PIC number
Horse Card Number (unless riding in unofficial, senior or 10/U and 12/U classes)
Stabling where applicable (if required)
Camping where applicable (if required)
If nominating two horses in same class – i.e. 2 horses in official OR 2 horses in unofficial – one MUST be ridden HC (please ensure you name the horse to be ridden HC)
SUGGESTION: Print off nomination form that is sent with the program, fill in all details and email directly to Jacinta Forge Jones(this will ensure correct details are received) Once all correct nominations have been received by the nomination secretary, a copy is then sent to the host club. A second copy is also sent to our Club Treasurer, ###### who in return will invoice all the participants nominated.
PAYMENT: All payments must be forwarded to Rachael Crotty on or before the day of event, either in person to #####, direct debit, or by post to – ## Address Required ##
Details for direct debit are : Southport Pony and Hack Club.
BSB : 034153 ACC : 187596
*When making direct debit payment please ensure to enter your surname so it is evident whom payment is from.
When paying by cash, ensure payment is in an envelope with correct money, name of event & rider on envelope. Unless this is done your nomination can not be verified.
(NOTE: If paying by cheque please make payable to Southport Pony and Hack Club)





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