Rally nights/days are held twice each month to give members an opportunity to receive guidance from instructors involved with the club. These gatherings give young and older members the opportunity to mix and learn in an enjoyable environment. All members are expected to do a flat work lesson before moving onto a jumping lesson if required. All members are catered for at their level of performance rather than their age, to ensure that no one is put ‘out of their comfort zone’. All riders progress at their leisure and are offered challenges to ensure learning is current and enjoyable.

If attending rallies, members need to give notice of their attendance to make sure everyone is catered for, and enough instructors have been organised. Notification is needed at least three days prior to the rally so instructors can be organised and groups planned. If you are attending rally night please send an email to Amber Bromiley by Wednesday evening prior to the rally. Amber’s email is: amber.brom@hotmail.com

Each year rallies start the year on a Friday evening until April when they are changed to a Sunday. This has now occurred with rallies now being held the every fortnight.

Parents, please ensure that you remain on the grounds at all times while your child is attending the rally. This is a mandatory requirement and if a child’s parent or carer is not present, the rider will not be able to participate further.

Rally Highlights:

A special horse demonstration was shown after one of our rallies.  A lady named Roslyn did a demonstration of horse painting and equivibe.  She used horses to draw on muscles and show how different muscles work and move.  This was a wonderful opportunity for young riders to learn information about the horse for their ‘C’ certificate.    .

A little bit about Roslyn :  She is an internationally qualified Equine Body Worker, specialising in Anatomy and Muscle development of horses.  She is also a senior therapy consultant for Equivibe – the newst, highest medical grade physiotheraply tools available for horses in Australia.  She grew up on a large breeding, racing and spelling farm before being involved with the Pony club movement in NSW.  She further pursued formal training after high school with horses and later moved into rehabilitation and breeding of thoroughbred racehorses. http://www.horsesinsideout.com/pictures.html

Sunday rally days commencing at 9.00am. Riders are to line up in front of canteen by 9.00am for a prompt start.
Riders are expected to wear Southport Polo shirt with jodphers at all rally days. Southport saddlecloth is also compulsory. A reminder to all riders that all instructors are volunteers, so it is essential to thank them after your lesson.

Whilst on the Pony club grounds no person is to be on a horse without wearing a helmet. Due care MUST be taken at ALL times. It is also important to note that no rider should ride on the grounds without someone else being present for safety purposes.

New members will get further information about rallies when joining.

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