Stable Etiquitte

When using the stables that are available at the pony club grounds it is expected that the user be responsible for cleaning and maintaining their allocated stable or yard and that the owner be responsible for adequate care to the horse being stabled.

Basic equipment has been supplied by the club to make this possible.

Members are to use 1 stall per horse with the exception of day yards. Horses are not to move from stable to stable.

Stable and yards are to be cleaned out twice daily. No exceptions.

Manure is to be removed and placed in area set aside next to the shed.

Members are to supply their own water and feed buckets.

All hoses to be rolled up after use.

Hosing bays are to be cleaned after use: remove manure and empty shampoo containers.

Leave all cleaning equipment ready to be used by the next person in a safe are within the stable.

Any riding gear being left by members is to be stored in accordance with OH&S standards.

Always remember the 4 Rs: Remove Respond, Repair and Replace.

If you or your horse damages any property of the club, please respond by removing and damage that may cause injuries, repair anything that you can, if not, let someone at the club know and make arrangements to replace it.

Members are to refrain from having non members attending to their horses due to insurance issues.

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